Eco friendly home cleaning

Home cleaning is a regular affair if your wish to maintain your property and its ambience in a hygienic and neat condition. Making use of eco-friendly cleaning tips can not only let you leave a minimum impact on the environment, but also ensure safety to children.

Especially when there are children around in the house, make use of chemical cleaners in a judicious way taking into account their safety. Aerosols are not a good option for cleaning. Aerosol products emit fine mist that can be easily absorbed by the lungs. Also, aerosol propellants can irritate too much. It is best to make use of pump sprayers.

Do not get fancied by scented cleaning agents. Know that commercially available scented cleaning materials are bound to contain a double dose of harmful chemicals. Also, as per the general rule, aromatic substances carry more toxic materials than the cleaning agents. If you wish to reduce the chemical levels at home, go for unscented cleaning materials.

These days, a number of homemade cleaning recipes are available which can be verified for their safety and competitive pricing. They are viable green alternatives to chemical cleaners.

To prepare your own homemade spray cleaner, mix equal measures of white vinegar and plain water in a spray bottle. Mix equal measures of white vinegar, water and rubbing (isopropyl) alcohol in a sprayer bottle to make glass cleaner. If you want a still stronger combination, mix one cup of rubbing (isopropyl) alcohol, one cup of water and one tablespoon of clear, nonsudsing ammonia. By adding a tablespoon of dish wash liquid to this formulation, you will get one of the most effective all-purpose cleaner.

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