Eco friendly kitchens

Here are some expert ideas to guide the homeowners with the choice of eco-friendly materials, products and designs while planning their kitchen.

Bamboo is a good option for getting incredibly good cutting boards, flooring and backsplashes. Some innovative processed wood products retain the solidarity of the wood besides making use of a lot of scrap wood.

Lighting solutions in kitchen can make use of fluorescents to cut down on the power bills. These lightings are said to consume 50% lesser energy than the conventional bulbs. Also, plan your kitchen in such a way that you make use of the natural light to brighten it.

Cork is an innovative kind of renewable resource that is manufactured from the bark of trees. These materials have several eco-friendly characteristics besides being resistant to mold and mildew, sound absorbing and hypoallergenic. Therefore, this is one of the excellent options for kitchen furnishing.

Go for recycled stone chipped countertops that are composite in nature. They feature the look as well as the durability of granites.

Make use of top and bottom refrigerator or freezer units. They are more energy efficient than the side by side models. The reason is that not as much cold air escapes from them as found in the conventional models. Shut your fridge door on a dollar bill. If it can slide easily upon pulling, then the seal of your fridge needs replacement.

While dressing your chairs and tables, go for cotton or wool fabrics that are eco-friendly than their synthetic counterparts. Convection oven features a fan that can drive the heat from the heating source to the food rapidly. In this way, it helps accomplish cooking 25% quicker.

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