Eco-friendly windows

Talking of eco-friendly home construction, window is a vital topic. Experts advise these days to switch from double to triple glazing windows to achieve more energy efficiency. The point is this. Windows are said to be the weak spots with regard to the thermal efficiency of a building. Therefore, it is all the more important to consider optimizing them for the acceptable standards.

Some of the aspects of energy efficient windows include wider cavities in between two glass panes (16 mm is the ideally recommended distance), low emissivity coatings to prevent heat escaping, filling the cavity with an inert gas such as argon, and fitting aluminum spacers around the glazed units.

One of the other advantages of triple glazed windows is that they permit greater solar heating meaning that they can help trap the heat energy from outside and store it within the home interiors. If the window glazing is not efficient, you will find cold spots around the windows that can give way to draughts as well as condensation. Ensure that the standards of window glazing perfectly match with that of the insulation for the purpose of maintaining the ideal temperature.

Noise reduction is yet another advantage of triple glazed windows. Triple glazing is a sure way to improve the thermal as well as acoustic performance of the glass. Triple glazed windows ensure that the volume levels of the outside sound sources are kept at their minimum inside the homes. Since different thickness of glass panes can block different frequencies, it is best to go for a combination of three different thickness of glass panes (known as asymmetrical glazing) to achieve maximum acoustic resistance.

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