Modern eco-friendly homes

Added interest towards eco-friendly homes is a sign of our concern about the present as well as future generations. There are some mistakes you need to avoid while constructing modern homes so that you stay in compliance with the evolving standards prescribed for eco-friendly homes.

Too much dependence on artificial lighting to light up the interiors is a sign of poor planning. The nature has given us abundant of sunlight available outside out homes which are to be trapped rightly to illumine the interiors at least during the day time.

Ubiquitous air-conditioners are known to be the worst enemies of energy conservation goals. They too cause irreversible damage on the environment. Green houses can help minimize our dependency on such cooling systems thereby helping achieve our eco-friendly objectives.

While most modern homes have these days shifted to energy efficient equipment, it is to be noted that hot-water systems, refrigerators, cooking ranges, air conditioners and conventional television sets can steal more energy and also harm the environment, which need to be checked.

In place of other flooring options, cork flooring is one of the best options for eco friendly homes. Interestingly, cork is made from the bark of a tree that shall die if the bark is not harvested regularly. Cork is therefore considered a renewable resource. Cork flooring looks great as well is very clean and durable. It is also resistant to fire, insects and toxic and some classes of corrosive substances.

Most furniture wood trees require 20 to 100 years to grow while bamboo can be harvested once in five to seven years. Bamboo is a great option for furniture and it is resistant to water, fire and insects besides being durable.

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