What mistakes to avoid while building an eco-friendly home

We all do have the right to build our own homes for a comfortable and peaceful life, but not at the cost of harming the environment. Avoid the following mistakes while building your home so that it can be called eco-friendly.

Do not go for over-sized homes which would cost too much to construct as well as too much to maintain, cool or heat in the long run. A good house building project must take note of your lifestyle and also your future needs.

It is a lovely idea to have your house off the beaten path and in a rustic countryside setting. However, consider building it near a town so that you do not affect the flora and fauna of the rustic locality while getting the roads, electrical lines and other connections for the home.

Build your house in such a way you do not obstruct the solar radiation from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm. A southern facing home shall let you save energy bills by about 10%. Plan the majority windows facing the south.

With a plethora of construction materials available, go for non-corrosive, sustainable, recycled and toxic free products. Consider the environmental implications of the products you buy during every stage.

During and after construction, procure only what is necessary to furnish the home. Too many gadgets and furniture shall not only clutter the space, but will also require more energy to run.

Insulate the walls, windows, roof and foundation properly so that you can prevent heat loss as well as gain during different seasons. A well insulated home is the key to minimizing energy bills.

Take the guidance of the architect and planner to make use of eco-friendly materials for construction. Make use of green appliances for all your different needs.

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