About The Biotic Environment Of A Natural Swimming Pool

The biotic environment comprising of flora and fauna is the distinguishing aspect of natural swimming pools. There is a great deal to be discussed about the biotic environment of the natural pools in order to promote the beneficial factors and prevent to harmful factors.

Mosquitoes are a big problem while talking of a natural pond. Mosquito larvae do not thrive in chlorinated water. Since natural ponds do not employ chlorinated agents for cleaning, the risk of developing mosquitoes is one down side to natural ponds. However, experts state that by moving the water and by introducing the natural predators of mosquito larvae, natural ponds can be maintained totally mosquito free.

At the same time, there is a big advantage of having a natural pond in the backyard. Since natural ponds attract a class of natural predators and dragon flies, the population of stinging insects is significantly reduced.

Some of the wonderful biotic aspects around a natural pond include plants, some good insects, aquatic life and amphibians. Both the stationary and mobile biotic components of the natural pond help maintain the cleanliness of the water besides adding some real value and beauty to the immediate environment. They all feed on each other and therefore the balance of the population of various insects and animals are well maintained the natural way.

Some swimmers might have initial inhibitions about finding the aquatic animals in the pond. However, the fact remains that all of these creatures are quicker in swimming then humans and therefore shall not cause any disturbance to the swimmers. Also, they have other preoccupations out there in the pond rather than disturbing the swimmers.

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