Natural Swimming Pool Maintenance Tips

The maintenance of a natural swimming pool is altogether different from that of maintaining a conventional kind of chlorinated swimming pool. While the former is biology, the latter is chemistry. In maintaining a natural pool, you need to pay attention to caring for the natural environment. Different kinds of ponds might require different kinds of maintenance procedures, but there are a few tips that can help all pool owners.

Preparing your pond to manage the winter is very important before the onset of winter. Prune the plants around the pool well before they develop yellow leaves and begin to fall. Make use of a skimmer to remove all kinds of organic materials that float on the water surface. In order to prevent the accumulation of dead leaves and debris, you need to cover the pond surface with a net. It is also highly advisable to dismantle and drain the filtration systems and pumps.

Covering the pool when it is not in use is also a good idea since it can considerably bring down the rate of water evaporation and also help the water retain its heat for a longer time. For energy retention and reduced evaporation, installing windbreaks can significantly help.

Never underestimate the importance of fixing small leaks. Estimates reveal that a drop of water wasted per second can lead to a loss of about 8,000 litres of water over a year.

Cleaning of the natural pool regularly in a way preventing the building up of algae is very much essential to see to that additional deployment of chemicals is not forced upon when the condition worsens.

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