Sustainable Natural Pools Ideas

Natural swimming pools are not only eco-friendly; they also work on the moods of the swimmers bestowing a sense of peace and calmness. The tranquillity of nature is ably replicated in the natural pools and therefore they offer a spiritual kind of setting. Natural pools can also be made sustainable with some great ideas and a few of them follow.

Using gravel and clay for pool construction in place of concrete and fibreglass can enrich the pool with abundant oxygen supply promoting the grown of beneficial bacteria and also provide a near natural habitat for the aquatic life.

Nature’s best can be innovatively incorporated into the designing of natural pools. For instance, some edible plants like cress, celery and mint can be planted around the pool and also small fish and shrimp can be grown in the water that shall eat away the mosquito larvae and harmful insects.

Moss filtered pools can help avoid chemical cleaners like chlorine and algaecide as they can effectively prevent the growth of microorganisms. They also reduce water consumption since the frequent need to backwash the pool is ruled out. This kind of ponds also helps achieve significant cost savings on pool maintenance.

These days, some natural pools are using energy efficient condensing boilers and solar PV panels to heat up the pool water. There is also a practice of heating the swimming pool with the warmth of the waste water. Purified water from waste water treatment plant is transported to the pool where the heat exchangers transfer the heat from the waste water to the pool water. This set up can significantly help lower the energy bills.

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