The Cleaning Mechanism In Eco Friendly Natural Swimming Pools

In the naturally found lakes, polls and ponds, cleaning happens through a composite mechanism involving plants, beneficial bacteria and a host of micro-organisms. These factors act on the organic waste breaking them into simple compounds that can be easily absorbed by the plants. This is the fundamental concept that goes in to designing natural and eco-friendly swimming pools.

The natural swimming pools are designed with two merging that make a self cleaning pool that is ecologically balanced. The two zones of such pools are almost equal in size and are called as the swimming zone and the regeneration zone. The regeneration zone is maintained in a shallow level and features a biological filter. Usually, this zone is planted with a wide variety of aquatic plants. The regeneration zone is separated from the swimming zone by a wall that is about 20 cm lower than the pond surface water level. This kind of set up permits a free exchange of water between the two zones and also makes sure that the vegetation does not extend to the swimming region.

The water in a natural pond is life enriched. Though the physical divide exists, the swimmers shall be able to feel surrounded by plant life. One great advantage of the natural swimming pools is that they completely avoid chemical cleaners and machinated cleaning processes and therefore are preferred more than the conventional kind of swimming pools. Once set up, the natural swimming pools also need lesser spending on maintenance. The natural swimming pool is a title that is suggestive of the natural cleaning mechanism as well as the natural setting of the pool, though technically the former is more valid.

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