Understanding The Role Of Biotic Components In A Natural Swimming Pool

The plant and animal life around a natural pond adds to its beauty besides rendering it lively, attractive and tranquil. There is a thorough interaction of the different plants and animals in an eco friendly natural swimming pool and much of such interaction helps maintain the ambience of the pool and its cleanliness. Starting from the microbes, there are several aspects to be discussed regarding the role of biotic components of a natural pond.

Daphnia are very commonly found microscopic creatures in ponds. One of their important roles in natural ponds is regulating the cycles of nitrates, phosphates and phytoplankton. Daphnia feed on bacteria and in turn become the principal source of food for the other aquatic organisms.

We can talk of three kinds of plants in natural ponds with each of them having different important roles with the maintenance of the ponds. Water lilies and other kinds of floating plants are found rooted in the bottom. They are useful to provide shade to the micro-organisms and also protect them from the harmful ultra violet rays.

The oxygenating plants are the second category of plants found in natural ponds that absorb the nitrates and phosphates. Through this, they help maintain the ecological balance of the ponds besides slowing down the growth of algae.

The third kind of plants pertains to those that function as natural filters. These plants contain fibrous roots that contain a lot of microorganisms. They act as natural filter and remove the excess of nutrients and pollutants from the water.

Whether to have or not have fish in a natural swimming pool is a question that must follow a careful thought. Adding fish can take the pool forward to an altogether new dimension besides considerably enhancing the swimming experience. However, one down side to this could be that their excreta can facilitate algae growth. Therefore, additional maintenance is needed for which you must be prepared.

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