Step By Step Process of Constructing a Natural Swimming Pool

Constructing a natural swimming pool is always a fun and challenge simultaneously. However, the effort you put in is always rewarding. If you follow a systematic approach and a planned step by step process, a natural swimming pool is not a herculean task. Let us see how you need to gradually go about it.

In the first place, do a soil test to ascertain whether the soil is firm. Also test the water to find out the source and quality. This step is perhaps the same as done in the case of a conventional swimming pool.

Do the excavation and construct the sides with brick and mortar. Separate the swimming side and the regeneration side from each other.

In order to send the excess water outside, you need to plan for a storm water channel.

Fix up the pipelines for circulating the water between the two chambers and also to pump it out from the bottom of the swimming pool.

In order to suck the water out, fix the skimmers.

Fix up the fountain pipe arrangement in order to aerate the water.

Next comes the process of insulation with a layer of polythene. This is a continuous layer starting from one side, running down the bottom of the pool and then rising up on the other side providing a continuous protective layer that can prevent water seepage both from outside and from inside the pool. Once this is done, check the entire thing for leakage.

Put gravel to make the bed in the regeneration zone for the plants to anchor and grow. Water lilies and bulrushes are good picks to plant there and always locally sourced varieties are the ideal choice to suit your swimming pool.

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