Understanding The Mud And Water Components Of a Natural Swimming Pool

Quite a many might share the concern that the bottom is mud in a natural swimming pool and whether it is likeable in terms of health and hygiene. There are some good practices in constructing natural swimming pools that feature handy solutions for several arising concerns.

For instance, we know that there are two zones in a natural swimming pool. While sterilized soil is a good pick for the plant pond, for the swimming zone bottom, you might use either concrete or rubber liner or bentonite clay. In fact, laying the bottom with a 3 inch thick layer of waterproof bentonite is the most economical option. For the plant pond, you might add about 4 inch of pre washed gravel that shall facilitate a living space for beneficial bacteria, which is essential to biodegrade the organic waste settling down.

Some might wonder that the natural swimming pool features stagnant water. The fact remains that unmoving water gets brackish. It is advisable to fit a simple kind of water pump to send the water around the plant roots so that a natural cleaning process is initiated. This will cost much cheaper than a standard kind of pool filtration unit.

If you are particular about retaining the modern look without sounding too much unconventional, still it is not impossible to conceive a natural swimming pool. You can fit the swimming zone with concrete bottom and sides and also lay the traditional sky blue pool colour tiles. In such case, think of adding a gravel filter for the plant pond a little way and out of sight. This option shall help you reap the advantages of the two kinds of set ups.

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