What is Green About Natural Swimming Pools

At the outset, in a natural swimming pool, you allow the nature to clean the water. And you will always know and appreciate the fact that nature does it the better way than we humans. While an artificial chemical cleaning process aims at totally making the pool water sterile free of any life whatsoever, a natural swimming pool tries to take what is good in nature while combating with the harmful ones the natural way.

In fact you can call a natural swimming pool as a water garden. The plant portion of this is an interesting segment to discuss. This is also called the regeneration zone where the water is filtered and clarified. A wall of few inches lower than the water surface separates the two zones with the space above the wall meant to circulate the water. Skimmers and pumps are used to circulate the water in between these two zones.

The natural filtering process is done by the aquatic plants that clear the water besides using the useful nutrients from the water for their own growth. Therefore algae growth is also prevented. A variety of rocks could add more value to natural swimming pools and choices like granite, river rock or haydite can attract friendly bacteria and function as biological filters. Micro organisms and microbes colonize these rocks and assist in cleaning the water.

The gradually designed slope features plants, gravel and loamy sand which all have a definite role in cleaning. Thus, the plan and designing factors of a natural swimming pool are more desirable in terms of superior functionality and better aesthetic appeal.

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