Planning Your Sunrooms the Right Way

Sunrooms are always great additions to homes. They facilitate enjoying fresh air and abundant of lighting staying inside on a great day. Much of the efficacy of a sunroom depends on how you plan the windows and therefore a great amount of research and planning must flow in this line. In the first place, it should be easy to open it and close during needs. There are five kinds of windows you can think of for your sun room as discussed below.

Fixed windows are those that do not open at all. These are mainly used in solarium-style sunrooms in which all the side walls are made of glass. In standard sunrooms, these windows are fixed high up at a position that cannot be reached. Slider windows are made of two frame panes that can be moved on either one of the sides by pushing one in front of the other. In case of double hung windows, the opening is done by moving the panes up and down rather than side to side.

Casement windows are highly popular ones that are hinged in one side. You can open them by using a hand crank. In this case, you can open the entire window as against the other kinds of windows. At the same time, they might obstruct the yard space. Similar to casement windows, awning windows can also be turned on their sides. In this case, the hinges are on top. This arrangement lets you have a rain shield when the window is open. Usually, they are fitted high up in the rooms so that the hot air can escape.

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