The different of using candle glue and a glue gun

Glue is a wonderful invention that we humans have made. As we all know there are many different types of glues. For example, do we have tape (opaque tape, transparent tape, double-sided paper tape, double-sided foam tape, etc.), industrial adhesives and craft adhesives like paper and candle glue,…And each type of glue has different uses. Usually, the above-mentioned glue can be used directly when purchased. However, there is a very special glue – to use this glue you need to burn it to use it – It is candle glue.

Just like the name implies, candle glue is a stick-like glue that is burned and used as a candle. Candle glue is round in shape with the diameter of the little finger or the ballpoint pen we use and is often opaque white. Sometimes it comes in other colors too.


Where to buy candle glue?

Candle glue is essential for creating handmade products. Although slightly different and a bit troublesome during use, but thanks to its excellent uses, candle glue is always chosen by everyone. Candles are usually used to stick things that are not flat in shape or small materials made of hard material that liquid glue cannot. For example, attaching a rope or thin wooden stick to the paperboard to make greeting cards or attaching a rope to a wooden board … So candle glue is often used for decorative purposes such as making cards, handmade goods, vintage gift … thanks to the strong adhesion.

Usage is different because it has to go through the heat to melt the glue before gluing. Because candle glue is new to many people and makes us nervous when used. To use normal  candle glue we will have two ways as follows:

The first ways: Manual paste

Manual gluing takes a lot of your time and effort. Paste manually by using a matchbox or a lighter to create a fire and then stick on the glue stick. When the glue is hot, it will change from flexible to liquid form and flow down. You quickly prepare the object to be glued and put the hot glue that is stuck to the position to be glued. However, using this method is a bit inconvenient because you will have to turn off the fire a lot of times, candle glue when burned will give off a burning smell and easily burn your hands because when you’ve finished burning the glue or melting out many drops scattered. You must use your hand to hold the glue tip directly and apply it to the paste.

The second ways: Paste with the glue gun

We will need to use a mini hand glue gun to glue the small, handcrafted decorations. In this way, the glue will become very simple and gentle, limiting the ability to glue the glue and inhaling the toxic smoke of candle glue as the manual paste method mentioned above.

With this special gun glue, you will do it like a real gun. First, put the candle into the gun and then plug the power plug into the socket (reload) => then wait a few minutes to heat the glue burner, turn the ON button on and pull the trigger for the glue to melt and paste it into the designated place.

Using a glue gun will help you easier and more convenient. If you use this method, the only thing you need to consider is to buy a mini glue gun with the price usually from 3 to 4 USD (depending on the sale and the type of gun, the price will be slightly different).

Just use one of these two methods, you will master the glue stick. However, because of the superior utilities that the glue gun method brings you, you should use this method to save time and effort without causing danger and toxic.

In conclusion

If you require vintage gifts or handmade things to decorate your living space, I am sure that you will need a candle glue and a glue gun.

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